About Us

Miller Paving was founded in 1981 as a family owned and operated business. We have employed many people over the years and have leveled our growth to over 100 employees. Many of these employees have been with the company since the early days, and we truly value their commitment and dedication to our services.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation in the industry and the community for excellence. We take pride in our product along with our customer service.

As a licensed general contractor, we work with cities rebuilding roads to include asphalt paving, replacing pipe, concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter and drive approaches.

Our specialty is working with individual homeowners to replace driveways. These projects often include complete tear out and replacement, grading and subgrading, asphalt paving, overlays, box culverts, and concrete finishing. We realize that word-of-mouth marketing is a valuable key to success, so we take care of our customers and strive to make them happy. Currently, over 70% of our business comes from referrals.

Miller Paving has also worked with hundreds of property managers and owners of all sizes of commercial real estate, ranging from small duplexes and apartment buildings to the largest shopping malls and apartment complexes. We always have our customers in mind and strive to minimize any disruption of business interests.