Ogden Asphalt Paving Services

Miller Paving is a family owned business in the Ogden area that specializes in concrete and asphalt paving services. Our skilled team has been providing asphalt paving services for years. Our background in this industry has given us a well rounded knowledge of the paving industry.

If you’re looking for paving services in Ogden, then Miller Paving can help you.

Concrete Services

As a part of our paving services, we can build nearly anything: from curb walls to parking lot islands. Miller Paving can even specially design a paving structure for you.

We take pride in our family owned business, and we have earned a reputation in Ogden for concrete and paving services excellence, making Miller Paving the perfect choice for all your concrete and paving needs.

Grading Services

We provide grading services on major highways, parking lots, construction and development sites as well as custom projects, including driveways.

When performing grading services in Ogden, the Miller Paving professionals keep the individual customer’s needs in mind knowing that drainage, compaction and logistics are important aspects of these grading projects.

Hardscape Services

Miller Paving is well known for all of its grading services and hardscape services because we provide the highest quality service for our customers.

Miller Paving does everything that is required for your hardscape services. We will prepare your site and work closely with you to make sure your projects are exactly what you want.

Excavation Services

If you have needs for Ogden excavation services, Miller Paving can load sand, gravel or topsoil, or even have a mountain moved!

Our past excavation services have included everything from full site development for neighborhoods to smaller custom projects for the individual home owner. Either way, our excavation services can help you.

Hauling Services

Our drivers are experienced in hauling all types of material and they insure that everything is delivered quickly and safely. Give us a call to get the most competitive rate on our wide range of trucking and hauling services.

Miller Paving is experienced in all types of hauling services, so you can be certain you are getting the best quality service every time.

Concrete Recycling

Miller Paving is a family owned and operated business; many of our 100 employees are skilled in concrete recycling.

The owners of Miller Paving, Inc. are aware of the benefits to our community that concrete recycling has had, and have watched as the benefits continue to emerge.

Asphalt Recycling

Since the inception of Windriver Investments, we have processed nearly 3.5 million tons of material that have been reused in thousands of projects across northern Utah. Our Ogden asphalt recycling services are an important part of the recycling community.

The recycling center, centrally located at 4170 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah, does concrete recycling and asphalt recycling as well as recycling for many other parts of Utah.