Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Asphalt Paving Services

Miller Paving is a family owned business in the Salt Lake City area that specializes in concrete and asphalt paving services. Our skilled team has been providing asphalt paving services for years. Our background in this industry has given us a well rounded knowledge of the paving industry.

Salt Lake City Concrete Services

Miler Paving provides a variety of different concrete services, so that we can help you with any project that requires concrete building.

We specialize in flatwork such as sidewalks, driveways and basements, but we also provide retaining walls as well as curb walls and islands in parking lots or any specialty type structure.

When you need commercial construction services call the professionals at Miller Paving.

Grading Services

Miller Paving crews are very diversified and perform a wide-ranging set of services for its client base including grading services and hardscape services.

When performing grading services, the Miller Paving professionals keep the individual customer’s needs in mind knowing that drainage, compaction and logistics are important aspects of these grading projects.

Hardscape Services

When it comes to a client’s hardscape services needs, we will custom tailor its services to fit any and all individual requirements. This may include site preparation all the way to complete landscaping services.

You can count on Miller Paving to provide a timely and efficient project process when you need grading services or hardscape services in the Salt Lake City area.

Excavation Services

Miller Paving provides a wide range of excavation services to the Wasatch Front area. In addition to these services, the company has a fleet of trucks that will provide hauling services as well.

Because of the its professional staff and specialized sub-contractors, Miller Paving can tackle any excavation services project from the small to large—from the individual homeowner to the industrial project.

Hauling Services

Miller Paving has a team of experienced drivers that provides trucking and hauling services. They are experienced in hauling all types of materials. From the small to the large project, we can provide excavation services, and can follow it up with haul-away services.

Concrete Recycling

The owners of Miller Paving know that as part of its business model, the need and responsibility to the community for concrete recycling. As such, the company founded a subsidiary company named Windriver Investments to handle concrete recycling services.

Since the beginning of this company, nearly 3.5 million tons of recyclable material—including  concrete recycling—have been reused in thousands of projects across northern Utah.

Asphalt Recycling

Prior to Miller Paving’s entrance into asphalt recycling services, materials were simply dumped into the landfill. This company is now an important part of helping preserve the environment in the Salt Lake City area.

Now because of Miller Paving’s commitment to the environment and its asphalt recycling, tons of materials are processed into recycled road base that is used in building roads and parking lots.