The idea to offer materials hauling and trucking services was an easy one for us, here at Miller Paving.

For almost 40 years, we have offered Utah’s premier concrete and asphalt paving services, including excavation and road grading. For the most effective service delivery, we have built a fleet of dump trucks and materials haulers.

Today, we offer you the benefit of this impressive collection of heavy machinery. Our expert drivers are standing by to assist you with all of your Utah haul-off and trucking needs.

From Humble Beginnings to Utah’s Hauling Experts

When we founded our company in 1981, we modestly set out to serve the needs of a small community.

Almost four decades later, we have grown right along with our state. Consequently, we have the ability to serve customers all along the Wasatch Front and throughout the state of Utah. We offer a full range of concrete and asphalt paving, excavation and road grading services.

Along the way, we established a full-scale heavy materials recycling center, to assist our customers and other community members in converting unwanted concrete and asphalt into environmentally friendly recycled roadbase.

And, as you might imagine, each of our service offerings relies on our heavy hauling equipment and vehicles.

Convenient and Affordable Haul-Off Services

Miller Paving understands the needs of our customers, very well. After all, we have provided exceptional service at affordable prices for many years.

Renovation projects, especially those involving demolition of roads, parking lots and structures, create the need for haul-off. New construction creates the need for all sorts of materials, from gravel and fill dirt to roadbase.

For those individuals and companies who aren’t in the business of transporting construction materials, it can be difficult to source an affordable alternative to having your own dump trucks and trucking equipment.

And that’s where the Miller team comes in.

We put our fleet of safe, well-maintained trucks and haulers to work for you.

Trucking Professionals Ensure Effective and Low-Cost Hauling

Our fleet of trucks and professional drivers work throughout Utah, delivering and hauling away materials, and helping our customers with their construction projects.

Consequently, we can offer a variety of advantages for trucking and hauling.

Logistically, we very likely have trucks in your area today. Hauling off loads of unwanted materials allows us to maximize our efficiency, and this translates directly to cost and time savings for you. And, because we are familiar with dump sites throughout the state, we can help minimize dump fees and fuel costs for you.

And, as a bonus, it creates a more sustainable, environmentally conscious business model that benefits us, our customers and the community.

Miller Paving provides paving, excavating and grading services to individuals and businesses throughout Utah. We can assist you with any project, no matter its size and scope. We devote a personalized level of service to every customer and every project.

Contact us today for more information about our convenient and affordable Utah trucking services and haul-off.