Roadbase Recycling

Whether it’s old newspapers or discarded roadbase, recycling is the smart answer for handling used or unwanted items. It makes even more sense to recycle your discarded construction and infrastructure materials.

Across the United States, landfills are filling up more quickly than municipalities and private companies can create new ones. In 1996, the founders of Miller Paving recognized that this problem would only grow worse as populations grew and construction activities reached an all-time high.

Today, we offer an exceptional solution for turning unwanted construction materials into products that can be effectively repurposed in all types of construction products.

Recycle Concrete and Asphalt to Create Usable Products

Fortunately, most construction materials lend themselves exceptionally well to the recycling and reuse process. Virtually any type of structural material – including concrete, asphalt, rock and even reinforced concrete – is appropriate for the recycling process.

You can load them up yourself and bring them to us, or use our convenient and cost-effective hauling services. Simply contact us and we will arrange to transport your materials for recycling, freeing you up to concentrate on your construction project.

And, for the grand prize, recycling your used materials with Miller Paving means you don’t have to pay those ridiculously high dump fees that you would otherwise be forced to do.

Utah Recycled Roadbase Offers a Variety of Advantages

When you use roadbase and other construction materials made from recycled products, you benefit almost as much as our environment does.

All materials that we recycle are inspected and verified to meet specifications. We offer a variety of recycled roadbase and other products that can be used for highway, road, driveway and building pad base.

Recycled products are very competitively priced, convenient to use, and provide the peace of mind that comes with being kind to our environment.

The Miller Team Cares about Our Environment

We established our Utah construction materials recycling company more than 20 years ago, because we knew proactive steps were necessary to minimize the potential damage to our environment.

Since that time, we have processed nearly 4 million tons of materials that would otherwise have been dumped into the landfill. Whether you hope to recycle asphalt, concrete or other products, Miller is Utah’s leader in heavy materials recycling.

Our recycling services are available to all Utah residents and contractors. With convenient hours and a handy Salt Lake City area location, we strive to make this process as simple and cost-effective for you as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our Utah concrete recycling efforts or to schedule a pickup to recycle asphalt from your site. Think of the Miller Paving team for all of your recycled roadbase, paving and excavation needs throughout Utah.

Our recycling operation is open to any contractor or homeowner and is centrally located at:

500 South 3591 West
SLC, UT. 84104
Scale House # 801-633-6790
Office/Accounting # 801-262-5922